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Instruction to the patient Instruction to the doctor The important information Indemnification Main menu Home About us News Produkt Partners Information Contact us Administratorius e-sprendimas UAB Orthopedic projects orthopedic technical measures to market successfully employed since 2000. Suburtas the company experienced and attentive staff is guided by the highest international quality standards. Our production of orthopedic technical measures is highly regarded both doctors and patients. Partnered with the largest, a lot of experience in orthopedic market is in Sweden (Mediroyal-įtvarinės system, OSSUR-prosthetic system), Germany (Otto Bock, Streifeneder-prosthetic system), Spain (Fort konpensacinė technology) companies. We are sick with the State Fund of the Republic of Lithuania to the Ministry of Health, in the light of the patient’s diagnosis and social situation, part or all of orthopedic technical measures cost the patient is compensated. In its work to focus on the highest quality service in-patients were always warmly accepted, they are best qualified to advise doctors Orthopedist traumatologi and prosthetist, which produces and adjusts orthopedic technical measures. Each patient individually to resolve the problems. Our goal – to ensure you greater freedom of movement and help discover a full life.   e-sprendimas @ UAB V-servisas […]
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Dell Dual Monitor Arm – MDA17 Dell
Rinkinys: Avtek TT-BOARD 100 Pro + Vivitek DW882ST + WallMount 1200+ accessories
Adriatica A4513.4144QZ
Panasonic DMC-TZ57EP-T Compact camera, 16 MP, Optical zoom 20 x, Digital zoom 4 x, Image stabilizer, ISO 6400, Display diagonal 3.0 “, Wi-Fi, Focus 0.03m – ∞, Video recording, Lithium-Ion (Li-Ion), Brown
LIEBHERR IK 2314 įmontuojamas šaldytuvas
Storm Bika Pink