Gorgeous and fashionable hand knitted clothing for the whole family

       On the website, there are over 3000 models to view!!!   Each item knitted or crocheted for You is a handmade piece, elaborated especially thoroughly. Considering this, the prices are quite reasonable.     .           Gorgeous and fashionable hand knitted clothing for the whole family. Knitting magazines, patterns and charts.             . A very welcome to You! Within 10 year period we have accumulated a great lot of information regarding knitting matter. Now, the time has come to share our ideas, concepts and models with You. A professional team has selected the following: for women, unique models of sweaters, blouses, skirts, dresses, wraps, scarves, cloaks, shawls, ….tunics, costumes, jackets, waistcoats and coats; for men, unique models of sweaters and scarves; a great number of knitted models for children, toddlers, babies; in the section of needlework, You may select an adornment, an ornament, a household article ….not only for Yourself, but for Your close person as well; that the child‘s christening clothes would be original and unique, we can knit them by your ….chosen model. If you don‘t have a model – we will recommend, advise and choose the clothes ….model, weaving accessories and decoration. We are grateful so much for Your visiting us! We are grateful indeed for praising us – it encourages us to move forward. And also we are grateful for Your criticism – it provides us with help in elimination of errors and mis […]
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