Battlefield 2 Lithuanian unoficial ranked Battlefield2 server powered by mdj bf2

Changed server IP address  Changed server IP address: Public Reality server adress changed to S.BF2.LT ( Test PR Infantry server: BF2.LT ( Dėmesio pasikei Žaidimų serverių ip adresai: Public Reality serverio adresas pakeistas į:  S.BF2.LT ( Test PR Infantry serverio adresas: BF2.LT (   Project REALITY Project Reality v0.87  Released! REALITY server adress: ( ClientPatch (for LITHUANIA USERS) Requires BF2 v1.50 & PR v0.887 Core/Levels. SERVER runs 0.87 REALITY version. Project Reality v0.87 manual in pdf format . If you want to play on this server you will need to have BF2 with 1.41 patch(link for LITHUANIA USERS) and REALITY MOD 0.8 witch you can download from or (LITHUANIA USERS could use  pr_087_core (1,8GB) and pr_0857_levels (1,4GB) ). Instructions how to install PROJECT REALITY . The Reality Mod installs alongside the existing game installation allowing both the original and Project Reality to be played separately without causing conflicts. For Better comunication TEAM SPEAK server adress: TS.BF2.LT P.S. Server runs in "Free For All" mode . All new (from BF2) players must read User Guide before began play REALITY mod.   MAIN SERVER rules REALITY status INFANTRY-TEST REALITY statistics DEMOS FORUM(FATE) Balsavimai ©2007 BF2.LT Project […]
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