About Me – Gallery – Contact The Gossip Blog Mag 11 Paris Hilton wants to design dressed for children Archiviato in: Senza categoria The heir Paris Hilton has the affai in the blood, not is that to say. The last one found? It directly communicates gives its Twitter page: As soon as returned to house after a long day. I have begun to design the personages for my new line of garments for children. After the scent, the apparel for the dogs, the women, the shoes, the jewels here an other “passion” without warning burst. Perhaps because it is an optimal one business? While we wait for onlookers the first garments… admin @ 21:30 Nessun commento Mag 11 Boy George exits of prison like new Archiviato in: Senza categoria That the prison indeed replaces the world? The question rises spontaneous in the see again new a Boy George to the escape from the jail, after to have last 4 months in cell. True it is that the months had to be 15, but to how much seems some to George has been enough 4 in order to change only aesthetically… speaking, but always about a change we are speaking, not? And that change then… seems an other person! admin @ 21:25 Nessun commento Mag 11 Keanu more and more bearded Reeves Archiviato in: Senza categoria A tramp? Not, simply Keanu Reeves! It is a real physical transformation that which is enduring former the New ones of Matrix. Large hat, glances at them large black, black and long hats like pece and a great beard to complete the alarming picture. But you that of it you say… appeal to thus us also? admin @ 21:23 Nessun commento Calendar Novembre 2009 L M M G V S D « Mag       1 2 3 […]
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