Welcome !!! Nature gave people not only the beauty of a growing tree, but also a wonderful material for builders, furniture producers, artists and … creators of toys. Wooden horses and rag-dolls are traditional symbols of childhood. Nutcracker (in Lithuanian Spragtukas) – an ancient wooden instrument for shelling off nuts – has become the hero of a very popular fairy tale. Also all children of the world know very well the life story of warm-hearted wooden puppet Pinocchio. Creation of wooden toys is an old and vital tradition in the whole world. Woodworkers, carpenters and other handy masters used to produce wooden toys with great love for their own children. That’s why there are so many original and distinctive toys in every country of the world. Neither complicated mechanical toys nor modern computer games have replaced simple cubes, wooden horses, and swivels in children rooms. The warmth and beauty of wooden toys created by talented masters always get feedback from baby hearts. Long practice of wooden toys masters guarantee that traditional wooden toys become secure, long-lived, nice and favorite participants in children games. […]
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